Customer Support Team Update w/c 12th Oct

Hello again everyone! It’s time again for your weekly Support Update. We trust you are ready to hear what the Support Team have been doing and we are excited to provide you with the updates from last week. Lets get started with another insight for you as to what we all get up to here in Support. This week has flown by for the support staff as they have all been working at their usual fast and busy pace to answer our member queries very efficiently. We are proud of the level of customer service they provide to every member. There is always a high level of quality and respectable amount of time spent on each individual response as we aim for every single customer to leave with a smile on their face 🙂

Monday 5th – Sunday 11th Oct 09

Member query of the week

The Support Team have noted that photo uploads have become the largest query of the week. As we all know, for those new to the world of Internet dating, the whole concept can seem rather daunting, especially uploading a picture of yourself. In Support we get a large amount of members asking for guidance on what photos they should upload and how quick the whole process is. We advise our members to avoid pictures which may; include large groups of people, are taken at a long distance, contain dark lighting and have a grainy texture. Instead we promote them to upload clear facial shots and to always take advantage of having the additional 9 pictures on their profile which can include; your hobbies, friends, family and maybe even some with themselves and their pets! As we have seen in the past, members who upload a picture onto their profile receive 10 times more interest than those who don’t and therefore, giving them a more attractive profile. This obviously leads them that one step closer to finding their perfect partner!

We have numerous ways for our members to upload pictures onto their profiles, these being:
1. Upload via your PC
2. Upload via your mobile
3. Upload via our scanning department
4. Upload via our new cam facility

We are pleased to see that our brand new web cam facility is proving very popular which will hopefully encourage more of our members to upload their pictures with us.
As the saying goes:

“a picture can speak a thousand words!”

Complaint Rate

Good customer experience feedback for you!

Here are 2 quotes for you to look at that your Customer Support Team has received this week.

We received a message from Julian,
Julien: “To all at the Support Team of portsmouth date me today. I just want to thank you all for the messages, the help and the protection that you have given me on my stay with this site. Take care all, Julien”

And we have another message to share from Kevin,
Kevin: “Just a note to say thank you for your reply about my membership renewal. It’s good that you will automatically renew it. It saves me a lot of messing about. I am more than happy for my membership to continue for another 90 days as you mention. I am enjoying the site, even when I don’t have much luck date wise. Myself and others I’ve messaged with agree that this site is more than just a dating site. It’s also a bit of a social networking opportunity as well. If people don’t fall in love, they most certainly make new friends. I met my three closest friends on this site, and for that I’m very grateful. Kindest Regards”

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