Customer Support Team Update w/c 30th Nov

Well another week has flown by, the support team have been working as hard as ever to keep all our members happy. Last week the support team went to see Sister Act on stage, a well deserved treat we say 🙂
The customer satisfaction rate is still scoring high and the support team are pleased that their hard work is paying off.

Customer Satisfaction rate

Query of the week
We always have a lot of members asking what we would appear as on their credit card statement, this could be for a number of reasons, one of which being discretion. Below is an example of what we would tell them:

Firstly we would always confirm that “Global Personals” will appear on their statement, if anyone should ever get to view a members statement they will never get to see a site name.

We would then advise them of other ways to upgrade such as a cheque or postal order, we feel that if discretion is important that a postal order is the best way to pay for your membership as no name will appear on your statement and no payments will have left their own account.

Other payment methods available include mobile phone payment, the member will simply need text us a code word that will appear on the screen in front of them, we will then send the member a series of texts to collect the subscription fee and when the payment is complete they will be upgraded to full membership. This will simply appear on the members’ phone bill as a series of numbers.

Customer feedback
We are pleased to say that the good feedback is still coming in, we have chosen the two below to share with you this week:

The first is from Terrence

Terrence: I would like to cancel my subscription please. I have met someone through your site and we are very happy together so I no longer require this site. I would like to thank you for the service you have provided for me and the opportunity to meet someone.
Thanks again,
Terry 🙂

Another message to share with you is from Vincent

Vincent: Hi all at, I think your site is great and unlike others not tacky and just right for someone to find their perfect partner. Unfortunately for me I have to go back overseas and so as much as I have enjoyed being a part of, I would like to cancel my membership from the renewal date of the 121209. I would be grateful if you could confirm receipt of this email.

Many Thanks
Vinni Holmes

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