Customer Support Team Update w/c 2nd Nov

If you had read our blog last week you would have known that here, at the office, we dressed up for Halloween and managed to raise an amazing £670 for the most voted for good cause. Most votes went to Cancer Research and a big thank you to those blog readers out there who cast their vote at last week! We had an impressive range of costumes from pumpkins and witches to dead rag-dolls and even a wrestler to name just a few! We’ve had an excellent month here at with our customers continuing to be very happy and in spirit too! But no rest for the wicked! Christmas is around the corner and our Customer Support Team continue to be busy with all these new sign ups looking for their Christmas lover! We hope our members find that someone special to spend their cold Christmas nights cuddled up to. 🙂

Monday 26th Oct – Sunday 1st Nov 09

Member Query of the Week

Last week we had a lot of members across all networks, querying the ‘subscribe’ link on members diary entries. As we previously discussed, writing diary entries are a great way to break the ice on a dating site and also gives the member an opportunity to express themselves and introduce themselves to their potential dates! We have a lot of members who update their diary entries on a daily/weekly basis, we even have one member who is like our own Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City! It is these diary entries that generate huge interest, with many members looking forward to their next update. To make it easier for our members, we have placed a Subscribe link on all member’s entry. If a member chooses to subscribe to a specific diary entry, they will get a notification sent to their personal email address every time the member has composed a new one. In this notification there will be a link which directs them straight to the new entry – perfect!

As you can see, we do like to make things easy for our members here at, and if it helps them find their perfect partner along the way, then even better! 🙂

Customer Satisfaction Rate


Good Feedback

Good customer experience feedback for you!

Here are 2 quotes for you to look at that your Customer Support Team has received this week.

We received a message from Rita,
Rita: “I am in a relationship at the moment and would like to cancel my subscription and basic membership with Forces Reunited Dating. I would like to thank you for your professional service and providing a very friendly site and I wish you continued success. Kind Regards, Rita”

And we have another message to share from David,
David: “in a month Ive had 3 adult dates with lovely intelligent women this site is super addictive fun. Something new every day!”

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