Customer Support Team Update w/c 21st Sept

Hello everyone! I hope you’re ready for your next installment of your weekly support blog. In this week’s issue we’ll cover our number one member query for you that we have received. And also of course a couple of good feedback messages for you to get stuck into and see what your members have to say! If you have read our other latest and newest weekly support blogs since we started you will see that we have covered a little bit about the team that turns our customers’ frowns upside down and how we do it! We’re pleased to tell you, your customer support is still running as smoothly as ever. So let us share the news with you so far and some of the good feedback for you this week!

Monday 14th – Sunday 20th Sep 09

Member Query of the week

In the past week we have had a lot of members asking us how to obtain credits through the site. Both our online, virtual gifts and astrological merchandise is growing in popularity on a daily basis.
Gifts are very popular on all of our sites and are a great way for our members to break the ice.
Also, purchasing items such as compatibility matches and profile coaches can really help our members make the most out of their time with us and obviously assists in finding them the perfect partner!

The Customer Support Team are keen to help our members out with this, and of course everything else too! We do think it is very important our customers can approach other members however they want to, and if that’s by sending them a special little gift to say hello then why not! It’s a fun and different way than normal to get in touch with that someone who you like the look of. We definitely understand a gift does show that little bit extra fun and flirtation than a standard normal message.

Complaint Rate

1.3% – increased ever so slightly from 1.14% last week

Good customer experience feedback for you!

Here are 2 quotes for you to look at that your Customer Support Team has received this week.

We received a message from Yori,

Yori: “Many Thanks… Due to initial problems attempting to obtain Full Membership last night, I had to phone the “helpline” a couple of times this morning and spoke with 2 girls from your “helpline” office… one of which was called KELLY (very sorry but I didn’t get the name of the other girl)… may I say that the way in which I was “dealt” with on both occasions by the girls I can only describe as being a credit to your organisation… both were very helpful, polite and professional… again many thanks.”

And we have another message to share from Andrea,

Andrea: “Hi, One brilliant thing with this site is the way it links all messages a favourite. You have one over DDirect there!! It is an obvious, very important thing to do. It makes life so simple, you can look at a profile of a person in Favourites AND look directly at what you have said to each other at the same time – the history. For me that is my filing system – short-list if you like – brilliant!
(On DDirect you can pull all mail with one person together OK, but NOT under My Favourites tag – sometimes I’ve had to go back months to see if we ever DID communicate before saying hello). Cheers.”

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