Customer Support Team Update w/c 19th Oct

Hello again everyone! Here is your next instalment of your weekly support blog. With the weather starting to chill it sure feels like Winter is creaping up on us and doesn’t it? Hopefully some of our usual happy and chirpy customer support news will help you forget about the winter blues setting in! 🙂 In this week’s issue we’ll cover our most popular member query of course, and those heart warming good feedback messages from your customers to have a good read through! It’s really important to us that we keep sharing all of this great information with you and keep you in the loop! We’re still just as pleased and proud to tell you, that your Customer Support department is still running just as smooth as it always is. So let us share the news with you so far and some of the good feedback for you this week!

Monday 12th – Sunday 18th Oct 09

Member Query of the week

Over the past week we have seen an increase in our members querying the 3-D secure code page that is presented to them when making a payment. As we know, all Internet transactions that want to provide their customers with a secure way of making a payment online now have this page implemented into their system.

For those who are unfamiliar as to what exactly this system is, 3-D Secure protocol is something we use developed by Visa to improve the security of Internet payments. We ensure any customers who query protocol are told that the service named Verified by Visa as you may know is one of the safest methods of payment. MasterCard has also adapted a similar protocol called MasterCard SecureCode that we use. Both are designed to allow authentication of cardholders by their Issuers at participating merchants. The objective is to benefit all participants by providing Issuers the ability to fully authenticate cardholders through the use of a password during Internet purchases, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent usage of Visa and MasterCard credit cards and improving overall transaction performance which is something that puts thier mind at ease.

The combined effect of ease and flexibility of implementation, secure transmission of account information, and reduced disputes offers the following benefits for all parties involved:

* Increased consumer confidence, which leads to increased sales.
* Increased card acceptance through better merchant confidence in accepting international transactions
* Reduced cardholder disputes, exception handling, retrievals, chargebacks, re-presentments, write-offs, and associated handling costs

Members that query this page simply want to know what the page is and if completed grants them immediate access as a full member to the site which is the case.

Since having the 3-D Secure Code Page on our payment system, not only has it reduced our chargeback rate, prevented fraudulent transactions but has also provided our members and partners with peace of mind 🙂

Customer Satisfaction Rate


Good customer experience feedback for you!

Here are 2 quotes for you to look at that your Customer Support Team has received this week.

We received a message from Sandra,
Sandra: “Lucy… Thank you… I will sleep a lot better tonight and I am so appreciative of your response and explanation… I want to thank you also for a wonderful site… I have met some really, really great friends and I know that they will remain lifelong friends… I will recommend you everytime and your support team and response if phenomenal… You have answered all my concerns and again I salute and thank you. Sandra”

And we have another message to share from George,
George: “Hello support team, Thanks for everything, your site was excellent and well organised, easy to use. I managed to find a lovely woman on the site and we are both very happy! I will therefore not need to continue as a basic member. Best regards”

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