Customer Support Team Update w/c 14th Sept

You will recently have read a post from us introducing the Support Team. This is because as a business we are transparent and we want our partners to see the staff that are working day in, day out to guarantee their success. So often, the only contact that a partner will have will be with their Partner Manager, but there are so many more of us working away behind the scenes.

We pride ourselves with giving excellent customer service to all of our members, ensuring all profiles are moderated to a high quality, membership queries are dealt with quickly and professionally and providing friendly UK phone support 7 days a week. Over the past year our Customer Support Team has more than doubled, going from a team of 4 in July 2008 to now a team of 12, which is still in the process of growing! Due to the expansion of this department and the direction customer support is heading withing the company, we thought it would be beneficial to fill you in on a weekly basis about; member queries during that week, good customer experience feedback and a percentage rate of complaints. So here goes…..

Monday 7th – Sunday 13th September 09

Member query of the week

As diary entries on the site become more popular, so do the queries! This week a lot of members have asked us for advice on what to write in their first time diary entries.

Encouraging members to write about their daily events, hobbies and life’s challenges, not only increases attraction to their profile but also enables other members to feel like they know them better already…..

What a good start hey!?

Complaint Rate

1.14% – reduced from 1.5% the previous week

Good customer experience feedback for you!

Here are 2 quotes for you to look at that your Customer Support Team has received this week.
We received a message from Trevor,

Trevor: “Just want to say how very good your agency is and how many nice people I have spoken to

and met and I have only been on here for over a week

And we have another message to share from Adrian,

Adrian: “Thank you for all the support over the time i have been with you. I have now met someone new and would like my account to be taken off completely.

Thank you again”

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