Celebrating the gay marriage ruling

To celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalise Gay marriage in the USA, we’re offering White Label Dating partners a 75% revenue share for three months on all Gay sites launched by 7th August.

Gay pride flag

Why gay dating?

Our Gay network is growing fast, with over a quarter of a million members now in the database and month on month registration growth of more than 10%.

The #lovewins campaign in support of the Supreme Court’s decision, which came just after the Gay Pride weekend, resulted in 11M tweets using the hashtag in just one weekend.

The Gay dating market is growing and remains largely untapped by White Label Dating partners. That’s why we’re offering you this incentive to unlock the value in Gay dating today.

The offer

You have two options for launching your own Gay dating site, but we’d recommend you take up both. This will give you an opportunity to maximise yourrevenue by cross-selling between the two.

You can set up a site:

  • On our Gay network, exclusively for romantic dating sites
  • On the Adult network, niched to Gay, to create a hook-up site

For every site set up between Friday 10th July and Friday 7th August, you’ll receive an exclusive 75% revenue share for three months.

Any questions?

Set up your first Gay dating site now and start generating more revenue. For hints and tips on how to create an effective landing page for a Gay audience, get in touch with the partner team today.

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