Building a Brand is Key

Our most successful partners are those that realise they need to build a brand rather than just a site. A brand isn’t something that you’re able to build by bidding on Google keywords – it’s about making your brand recognisable so that you stay in peoples minds to ensure that they come to your site next when they consider a dating site.

We were delighted when one of our partners sites, was featured on ITV1’s “7 Days On The Breadline” which aired last night. Not only was it great to be shown on such a high profile programme, having Trinny Woodall name the site and recommended it provided celebrity which is invaluable to the brand.

In addition to this, having online dating featured on a mainstream television show continues to normalise the industry, reducing the stigma and ultimately increasing the market for all online dating sites.

We believe that this site was featured because the site owner, Melanie Smith, has worked hard to build her brand into one that is reputable and recognisable. This is something that all of our partners should be striving towards to take their sites to the next level. We’re proud of Melanie and the media coverage that she’s attained and wish her continued success as her hard work pays off. Check out Melanie’s site for yourself at


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