Affairs Getting Hotter

Affair sites……are they a good or bad thing? Whatever your views on the subject, it seems the media have a sudden interest on the subject. In the past month alone two of our partner sites have been recognized by the media and have had a great deal of publicity around them. was approached at the beginning of October to be featured on ITV1’s Alan Titchmarsh Show following billboards spotted by the Producers of the show and after the recent press coverage around the subject of affairs. The show was definitely an interesting debate with some very different views being thrown around. Mel Kirk, our Social Media Manager was quizzed by Alan Titchmarsh , Gloria Hunniford and psychologist Nick Ferrari, needless to say it definitely made for some interesting viewing time.

Another one of our sites that have had some great media attention is . The site has recently been featured in the Times Online, appearing in an article, “Dating websites offering no – strings sex are a magnet for men and women in sexless marriages, but does infidelity work?” The article discuses people’s views and personal experiences on such sites.

People are very quick to dismiss the subject and reject the idea of having an affair, however people are clearly doing it. There has been a huge increase in signups for these sites after the recent publicity. It just shows that the sites are in heavy demand and the more people that seem to find out about the sites through the media, the bigger the sites become.

Some people have some very strong views on the subject and are very much against the websites. However these sites are just providing a service ,a service that a lot of people clearly are in need off. There is no one forcing members to sign up or even look at the sites but there does seem to be a clear demand. After all how boring would life be if everything was banned.

The sites are there and are clearly very popular both to its members and to the media, however many negative comments the sites may receive it doesn’t seem to be stopping business. Infact its booming. We look forward to seeing how these sites progress.

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