A day in the life: Gillian

Gillian Weiner, US Partner Manager at White Label Dating®, takes us a through a typical day working in the White Label Dating San Francisco office. Gillian shows us how she’s helping to maximise the success of our partners across the pond.


8am: When I get into the office in the morning my first order of business, besides getting coffee, is to review and catch up on the work the team in Windsor have done while I’ve been asleep (eight hour time difference!). This either means reviewing new testing that’s been done, whether it’s for verification emails, registration forms, forms of payment or any new platform enhancements from the development team.


9:30am: Before everyone in the Windsor office goes home for the day, I check in with the VP of North America, Gary Taylor. Today I’m actually on a Google Hangout to chat with Gary, Partner Manager, Dave, and Nick, our in-house designer, to discuss a new partner’s landing page. After I’m caught up on all things UK, I turn my attention to my partners. Some of my partners have a day job in addition to marketing their dating sites. This means that when my work day comes to a close, their marketing work is just beginning, so it’s important we catch up during that small window. In addition to working with my partners, I discuss landing page details with their web designers. It’s really important the web designers have my full support as a proper landing page is crucial for gaining members and seeing healthy conversion rates. photo-1 ​​

11am: Managing my current partners isn’t my only task as a US Account Manager. It’s important I reach out to individuals who have just signed up to our platform as well. I receive an automated email each time someone from the US or Canada signs up, which is super helpful to stay organized. Around this time in my day, I’ll reach out to each new person making sure they have the correct folders for creating a landing page as well as answering any initial questions they may have about White Label Dating®, revenue, marketing and more.

1pm (lunch): Our office is centrally located in the heart of downtown San Francisco. That means the streets are always bustling, especially around lunch time. Sometimes the weather doesn’t fare well with going out to eat, but today it looks pleasant!

San Francisco

2pm: My afternoons are spent reviewing my basic registrations, conversions, and revenue for my partners’ sites. It’s helpful to review past numbers to see what marketing tactics worked and what didn’t. I brainstorm with partners about cross-selling, expanding niches, geo-targeting and more. I also review new sites that get submitted awaiting my approval. My job, in addition to optimizing everything on the landing page, is making sure partners creating new sites choose the best niches for their brand or marketing opportunities. The US is a huge place/market and focusing on certain areas (like California based sites) can aide to the success of a site.

4pm: I make sure all the last bits and pieces are tied up, my calendar is updated and I head out for the evening.

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