A day in the life: Frazer

The second instalment of our new series saw Partner Manager, Frazer, take over the our Facebook page on Friday. Find out more about the work he does to help our partners grow their dating businesses.


My first port of call is to get a good cup of tea! When I arrive at work, the first thing I do is to look at the data from all of my partners’ sites to analyse the performance of their ongoing campaigns. I’ll then follow-up with them to offer advice on any particular areas that need work and optimisation.


I’m taking some time to catch up with Nick, our in-house designer. We’re going through the latest site designs that we’re working on for a top-tier partner. We collaborate closely with partners to come up with a design well-suited to the look and feel of their brand. Right now I’m sharing feedback from the partner with Nick. Minus a few small tweaks, they loved the new design!


Next up is my weekly 1-2-1 with Lauren, Head of White Label Dating, to go through last week’s aims and to set new goals for the next week. We regularly assess the performance of my portfolio to ensure that I’m helping my partners maintain a consistent level of growth. We’re also chatting through some suggestions for product enhancements that could help boost our partners’ success.


Not a day goes by when I don’t speak to my partners. Whether it’s a quick update on the performance of a campaign, discussing progress on a new site design or creating a three month plan to target high-performing markets, I’m always looking for new ways to help partners get the best out of their dating business. We support our partners to help them make the right strategic decisions to achieve the best possible return on investment.


Next I’m catching up with the live support team. The support team help members who pause on the payment page to upgrade and find them the best subscription package to suit their needs. The team often describe some of the site’s features to members to explain the benefits of upgrading. I’m finding out which features members react the best to. I’ll then relay that information back to my partners to tell them which features to use in marketing campaigns.


We work with partners on all aspects of their sites, including branding. I’m spending some time with Jenna from our internal social marketing team to analyse a partner’s latest social media campaign. Creating engaging content not only creates brand awareness but can also boost a site’s SEO performance dramatically.

Frazer collage 2
We hope you enjoyed checking in with Frazer to see find out more about what he does to help partners grow their dating businesses. Check in with us next week when Project Manager, Alex, will be sharing her day with you!

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