3 ways to optimise your PPC campaigns

Nuria Gonzalez, PPC Specialist at White Label Dating®, shares details of a few techniques to enhance your campaigns.

If like many advertisers you switched to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns just over a year ago and haven’t adjusted your bids since, this post is for you. Enhanced Campaigns were controversial to begin with, but it soon became clear that the mobile opportunity the new tool offered was huge.

There are a range of bid adjustments that can be made in AdWords to optimise your PPC campaigns and increase profitability.

Device (mobile)

Optimise your mobile bids to get the best from the volume of traffic available. Mobile typically outperforms desktop when it comes to cost per basic conversion; you can reach higher positions and click through rates  at a lower cost per click. Optimise your landing pages and ads for mobile traffic to see the best return.

However, be aware that the volume of available traffic is big and you could quickly spend most of your budget on mobile. Keep an eye on ad performance by device and adjust bids as necessary. This will ensure that the volume of traffic acquired cheaply allows you to reduce your cost per lead while maximising profitability.

Do mobile users engage more with your site? Do they upgrade? Check how mobile traffic performs further down the funnel and look at conversion rates to decide which portion of your budget you should allocate per device and adjust your bids accordingly.


If you run a campaign across a large territory, check the location reports in AdWords to identify locations with a better or worse than usual performance and adjust bids for those specific areas.

Ad schedule (Time of day/day of the week)

It’s important to adjust your ad schedule at different times of the day for all of your dating brands – identify what time of the day you achieve the highest click through rate and click to registration rates and optimise accordingly. Expect this to be different across every site and be prepared for this to vary by niche tooas people who fit into different niches have different daily time schedules. Additionally, if you’re running TV or radio advertising campaigns at particular times of the day, ensure that your PPC ads are visible at the same time.

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