Before working with White Label Dating

Digital marketeer, Simon Aldous, was in search of a side project when he came across White Label Dating. A freelancer at the time, he was keen to build his own business and saw the opportunity to put his digital marketing skills to good use. Attracted by the minimal time commitment and set up costs, Simon joined White Label Dating in July 2013.

Now Simon works full-time as a Senior Content Manager for a large sports nutrition brand and dedicates about half a day per week working on his sites, usually in the evenings and at weekends.

Setting up and growing his portfolio

With no previous experience in the dating industry, Simon found the process of setting up and growing his portfolio straightforward. His background in web design was advantageous and allowed him to have a hands on approach to site building. He works closely with his Partner Manager, Ellis, who advises him on strategy and which niches and networks he should be investing in.

Attracted to the idea of focusing on specific niches, Simon’s first site was Dating over 50s which caters to more mature daters. Rather than build a large portfolio, Simon stays focused by concentrating his time on a small portfolio of around ten sites. He uses a combination of PPC, SEO and content marketing to drive high quality traffic to his sites and is forecast to reach almost £15,000 in total revenue per month.

Working with White Label Dating

“Working with White Label Dating has always been really flexible. Even though I’m only able to dedicate half a day a week to optimising my sites and campaigns, the team at White Label Dating are extremely supportive and advise me on where the biggest opportunities lie across my portfolio.

“I’ve worked in a lot of boring industries so online dating is definitely different – it’s a very dynamic, fast moving industry which means there are always new opportunities to make money. Working with White Label Dating has made the whole process of running a business on the side easy – they do a lot of the leg work, my job is just to concentrate on driving new member acquisition.

“From a professional point of view, working with White Label Dating has allowed me to put my knowledge into practice. When you’re investing your own time and money it’s a very different game to working with clients. Working with White Label Dating provides me with a steady, passive secondary income and my goal is to continue to grow my portfolio until I can do the things I want to do – without being tied to a desk. It’s probably the best decision I ever made.”