Life before White Label Dating

As digital marketeers working in an agency, Ben Hitchens and Joey Peters were always looking for new opportunities to trial new techniques to grow their accounts. With plenty of experience under their belts, Ben originally worked on dating as part of the agency’s portfolio.

When Joey arrived at the agency, he began experimenting with the AdWords account and quickly saw results. After seeing a really good return, they found themselves spending more and more time on dating until they stopped working for their agency clients to focus solely on their dating business.

Launching and growing their dating business

Their business is growing fast. In addition to their main brand, We Love Dates, Digital Dudes run around 300 to 400 sites on our platform. They work closely with their Partner Manager, Richard, who provides them with all the data and insights they need to thoroughly optimise their account. Their strong portfolio constantly produces attractive revenue opportunities. With Richard taking care of so much of the day to day running of their account, site set up and account optimisation, the business partners spend most of their time managing the acquisition and evaluating where to spend across such a large portfolio.

Without having to worry about risking agency reputation or clients fears, they are able to experiment and take risks with their portfolio that have really paid off. Joey increased their cost per click by 25% in one week which lead to a dramatic and significant increase in the quality of traffic and as a result, return on their investment.

The week after, he did the same again. This helped them scale and set them on the path to growth they’re now on.

The numbers

Since December 2015…

Their revenue from first time subscribers increased by +124%, total revenue increased by 50% and new registrations increased by 88%.

Determined to grow, Digital Dudes have set high targets for themselves. Since January 2015, when they began tracking their growth, they doubled their returns in the first twelve months, and then doubled them again. With their expertise and drive, they have ambitions to reach £200,000 in monthly revenue.

What Digital Dudes say about working with White Label Dating

“We are two digital marketing specialists, passionate about spreadsheets and numbers. It just so happens that the sites behind those spreadsheets are dating sites. We’ve dabbled in other industries but we’ve found that dating gives us the biggest return. Working with White Label Dating allows us to focus on driving the most relevant traffic to our sites – they take care of the rest.

“We get a lot more enjoyment out of working with White Label Dating than with ever-changing clients and the long term pay off is much greater and more sustainable.

“90% of our revenue comes from White Label Dating. We’ve tested other providers and other industries in search of new revenue streams but the returns and level of integration we’ve found with White Label Dating is second to none. We have a great working relationship with them and our business is working too well to change what we’re doing.”