Tim Taylor first became a White Label Dating partner in 2008. As a successful management consultant, he was looking to start his own company in a growing sector. He wanted to set up a business that he could run from anywhere. After some research into the dating industry, he developed a basic site himself and started driving members to it. It was then that he came across White Label Dating.

He was instantly attracted to the idea of a partnership that would allow him to focus solely on growing his brands, with another company taking care of the expensive and time consuming elements, like infrastructure and payment processing, that are all part of running a dating site.


With instant support from a Partner Manager, the first site Tim launched on the White Label Dating platform was MatureFreeandSingle.com in 2008. With White Label Dating taking care of the customer care, email marketing and payment processing, Tim was able to use his previous experience in strategic planning to focus on marketing and growing his brands.

MatureFreeAndSingle is now Tim’s largest brand and caters for the mature dating market across a number of different mainstream locations and ethnicity based niches. By setting up several niched sites, like ProfessionalFreeAndSingle.co.uk for dating professionals, Tim has benefitted from lower acquisition costs as niche traffic is typically less expensive to acquire. His niche sites also offer users a more tailored user experience and his users have a higher propensity to convert as they are interested in meeting like minded singles in their area.


Over the last seven years as a White Label Dating partner, Tim has been able to grow his account at an incredible rate, increasing his monthly revenue by 600%!

After looking at his demographics, Tim started launching new niche sites to cater to specific geographical areas (Mature Dating Australia) and ages (Over 50 dating & Over 60 dating). Then he set up an advanced and effective cross-sell strategy to sell people between his sites. This proved very successful and allows him to further monetise his paid acquisitions, increasing his return on investment and boosting his ability to reinvest.

As well as utilising the cross registration features that the White Label Dating platform offers, Tim has also launched sites in all five territories that White Label Dating offers to further expand his portfolio.


“My original goal was simply to create an income equal to what I was getting as a management consultant. With the help of White Label Dating, I passed that goal in the first year and have now built a career in a very exciting and rewarding industry.”

“We’ve worked together on everything right from the start, so it’s been a team effort right the way along. I now have five main brands and over 100 sites across the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada and the USA. This growth wouldn’t have been possible without White Label Dating, their expertise has helped my business grow 100%.”


Tim has taken advantage of the advanced niching functionalities that the White Label Dating platform offers and by utilising his existing marketing knowledge, he has been successful in expanding his portfolio into five solid brands.

He is the perfect example of an entrepreneur working successfully alongside White Label Dating to grow his business and realise his goal of operating his own profitable company from anywhere in the world.