Renowned for having the most read news website and the greatest circulating newspaper in the state, Alaska Dispatch News is the largest news organisation in Alaska.

Alaska Dispatch News were on the lookout for new ways to fulfil the company’s core mission; bringing people the news and helping them stay connected to their community. They were keen to explore whether White Label Dating could provide a viable revenue stream to power the news whilst also adding value for their readers.


As a highly reputable news organisation, it was important for the newspaper to build a brand they could stand behind; one that would also feel like an extension of their community. Together, White Label Dating and Alaska Dispatch News launched their first site NorthernLove.net in September 2015. The site was mainly aimed at people who live in Alaska but also focussed on people who have an interest in the northern state, who are romanced by the idea of Alaska and who might be thinking of moving to Alaska. This allowed them to start making connections with someone who is already living in Alaska.

White Label Dating took care of everything behind the scenes, providing the publisher with a fully managed backend system, ongoing support and a 24/7 customer care team. Alaska Dispatch News were then able to focus on launching the site, fine-tuning the brand and introducing it to their existing community of readers. By working closely with the White Label Dating team, Alaska Dispatch News created a strong brand that matched the business identity whilst also creating something that really worked well as a dating brand.

With help from their White Label Dating partner manager, Alaska Dispatch News were able to identify that a lot of their members were in the 40+ age bracket. This provided another opportunity to both serve their community and to increase revenue. A niched site, NorthernLove40+ was launched in November of this year.

As a news organisation, Alaska Dispatch News needs to change with the fast-moving media landscape and continue to grow their audience. Becoming a White Label Dating partner has been a successful first step into extending their brand with an unfamiliar, and very successful, third party revenue stream.


The site has only been live for a few months, but feedback and usage figures have been extremely positive to date. After they posted their first article introducing the site, NorthernLove.net saw an increase in registrations of +1250%.

NorthernLove.net has provided their readers with a high quality value-added service and they have seen their memberships grow as a result. Their goals for launching a fully-branded dating site were not solely monetary. Instead, they were keen to engage with their community and their readers – a goal which they are already fulfilling after only a couple of months. Over 64% of the sign ups are coming from Anchorage which is the largest city in Alaska.

The publisher is set on building a strong and connected community, that will bring in incremental and long-term revenues.


“White Label Dating has provided creative marketing suggestions and really positive reinforcements of our existing marketing ideas. The process has been made easy for us. They work actively with all our members to support them and provide incentives to sign up as full members. We don’t have to touch the back end which allows us to focus on driving people to the site. It feels like a true partnership.

Since working with White Label Dating, we’ve learnt that our readers are open and interested in trying new things with us. We look forward to seeing our partnership grow and evolve further!”


“Alaska Dispatch News are the perfect example of how an alternative weekly can use online dating to engage, and learn more about, their audience. Their investment in marketing the site across their own channels, paired with their enthusiasm and willingness to adopt tried and tested techniques used on dating sites for their dating brand, is really the key to their success.

Despite NorthernLove.net and NorthernLove40+.net being just a few months old, their growth to date has been impressive and we look forward to a long relationship with them.”