Urgent: AdWords changes on 22nd July

If you have already upgraded all of your campaigns, then you are all set!  If you still have some legacy campaigns in your account, this newsletter covers what will happen to campaigns that will be auto-upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns on 22 July 2013.


It is highly recommended that you upgrade before the deadline to ensure your campaigns are set up in the way that you would like.

If you don’t migrate your campaigns before 22nd July, the AdWords system will upgrade automatically using default settings, or put them into review mode:

– If you have hybrid campaigns (i.e. desktop & mobile devices targeted together in the same campaign) migrating will not cause ads to go into review because no new ads are created.

– If your campaigns are separated by device (i.e. separate mobile & desktop campaigns) migrating will cause ads to go into review because new ads are created when the mobile campaigns are merged with desktop campaigns. There’s not a big backlog at present, so ads should be reviewed promptly with minimal downtime. This is the best option for partners, as auto-migration will cause campaign duplication.

– If you wait for auto-migration, your ads will not go back into review, regardless of whether or not your campaigns are hybrid, because no new ads are created. However, if campaigns are separated by device this is not ideal as all campaigns will be opted into all devices, essentially causing duplicate campaigns. For this reason, Google do not want any accounts with separated campaigns to wait for auto-migration on 22nd July.

It’s really important to note that campaigns will be configured, like all new AdWords campaigns, to reach customers across all devices. Upgraded campaigns require a mobile bid adjustment setting, which influences your bids, ad position, and click volume on mobile devices. Please see the bullet points below which show how the mobile bid adjustment will be set depending on the devices targeted by a legacy campaign. Of course, you’re free to change your default mobile bid adjustment and all other campaign settings after a campaign is automatically upgraded.

The following information details ‘Legacy Campaign device targeting’ alongside ‘Default mobile bid adjustments’ that accompany Enhanced Campaigns auto-migration.

  • Any campaign that targets computers – Set based on bids from similar advertisers.
  • Campaigns targeting tablets only – Set based on bids from similar advertisers.
  • Campaigns targeting mobile devices only – +0% (same bids across all devices).
  • Campaigns targeting tablets and mobile devices only – +0% (same bids across all devices).



What’s been described above covers the vast majority of legacy campaigns. But there are some special cases with different default upgrade settings, like a legacy campaign that runs ads on the Google Display Network and uses device-specific targeting. Details on these special cases are in the AdWords Help Center.

If you’re upgrading one or multiple campaigns, we recommend that you use the AdWords upgrade center. It’s quick and takes you step-by-step through the process.



  • Auto-migration is not an ideal option for any partner
  • If you’re running hybrid campaigns, upgrading now won’t cause ads to go into review
  • If you have separate mobile & desktop campaigns, auto-migration is going to cause all of your campaigns to be opted into all devices which is going to be messy to fix. You would then need to create new ads (which will go into review) to resolve this once it occurs.
  • Migrate now!



We want you to be successful with AdWords, so please contact the team if you’d like any assistance with the upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns.

For more details, tips and resources on succeeding with Enhanced Campaigns, please check out Google’s help center articles and Enhanced Campaigns website.

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