The Power of Niche Dating

Are you currently running niche dating sites on WLD? If you’re not, you could be missing out on lower advertising costs, higher conversion rates and greater returns! We’re seeing partners generate a profit in month one!

Stop waiting for repeat revenues to generate a profit for you – Start building your niche dating empire today!

wld-nichesIt’s time to make a change

So, you’ve been running dating sites for a while, or you’re new to the industry and trying to figure out where to invest your money –  mainstream dating, casual dating? Both great options when it comes to building a dating portfolio and making a strong return on your investment. BUT, have you considered the benefits, and rewards, of niche dating?

Cheaper acquisition, higher returns and greater margins – we have first hand experience to show you that if you haven’t already expanded into niche dating you’re missing a trick!

We’ll even tell you exactly which niches to get started with…

What is niche dating?

Niche dating is exactly what is says on the tin – dating sites for people within a niche. This could mean people in a similar location, people with similar interests, traits or experiences or people within a certain age bracket.

The possibilities are endless – especially with WLD. Our advanced niching capabilities means it’s easier than ever to create niche dating sites and generate a significant return.

What we’re seeing across our niche portfolio

We’re absolutely delighted with the results we’re seeing across our own niche portfolio.

With the rate at which members are upgrading to paid subscriptions  reaching a staggering 24%+ for verified members, and campaigns making a profit during month one, we’re confident our award-winning platform will help partners reach impressive levels of growth. 

Here’s a sneak peek at a few niches that are excelling right now…

Widow & Widower sites

  • Conversion rates  of 24%+
  • Average CPL’s – £4.80-£7.20
  • Make a profit in the first month

Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 15.23.20

Christian sites

  • Conversion rates  of 20%+
  • Average CPL’s – £4.16-£6.24
  • Low competition

Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 15.24.23

Single Parent sites

  • Conversion rates  of 22%+
  • Average CPL’s – £4.40-£6.60
  • High engagement and retention rates

Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 15.24.07

Why should I go niche?

Not convinced yet? There are SO MANY benefits when it comes to building or expanding your portfolio with niches. Here’s just a few…

Acquisition costs are lower:

  • PPC – The more targeted your ads and keywords, the cheaper and more successful your campaigns will be as the clicks will be of much higher value due to the refined searches. 
  • SEO – Across niche sites, SEO becomes much less competitive and presents more targeted opportunities.

Not only are costs lower, niches open up a variety of new acquisition channels that can prove unsuccessful for larger mainstream sites. These include:

  • PR – Niche sites are often more newsworthy – particularly the more obscure niches.
  • Social Media – It’s easier to build a loyal following of people with specific interests. You can even target niche social media groups that are already established.
  • TV – You can target niche channels and secure regional advertising at a lower cost than national.
  • Print – Have an ad printed in a niche magazine to hit a more qualified audience.

Niche sites also present the opportunity to charge higher subscriptions fees. As niches provide a unique, tailored online dating experience users are often prepared to pay a higher price.

And there’s more…

As well as higher margins, here are a few other benefits of creating a niche dating site:

  • Less competition – Leave mainstream dating acquisition to the big players with the big budgets. Why not target an untapped market and reap all the profits. 
  • Greater verification – When a user verifies their contact data our team is able to contact them with engaging content to increase on-site activity. This is positively correlated with upgrades. Niche sites are proven to have a higher percentage of verified uses. 
  • Risk diversification – Running mainstream niche sites means you aren’t vulnerable to issues such as Google PPC ad classification, which is commonly associated with running casual dating brands.
  • Higher engagement & greater retention – The targeted nature of niche sites means members spend more time investing in their profiles which increases on-site engagement. Members no longer need to waste time filtering through members that are not suited to their desires. This results in higher upgrade rates and lower termination rates.


Our database and advanced niching capabilities offer a HUGE opportunity for new and existing partners to profit from niche dating

To learn more about growing your niche portfolio with WLD contact us here.


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