Preparing your campaigns for Valentine’s Day

This year, to capitalise on a time when consumers are more prepared to spend, we’re advising you to catch consumers attention by thinking outside of the box with your marketing campaigns. Instead of creating a generic Valentine’s Day campaign, why not help your users celebrate being single by building your campaign around Single’s Awareness Day.

Consumer holidays, like Valentine’s Day, give marketers a great excuse to promote their products at a time when consumers are prepared to spend. Valentine’s Day is well known to be the most romantic day of the year, where people in relationships celebrate love and single people are made to feel left out. Consumers will be bombarded with love-hearts and Valentine’s themed single’s events – being pressured by marketers to feel like being single is a bad thing is not productive for anyone.

Single’s Awareness Day is celebrated on the 15th February by those who are happy to be single. Since all your members are single, build your campaign to focus on celebrating their singledom and stand out from the crowd with an innovative marketing campaign!

Start by thinking of your campaign slogan that you want to build your campaign around. Once you have this, you can structure your search term in an advert relevant to your site and bid on the keywords you want to use. Make sure you include the same copy in all of your ads to maximise your click through rate.

Support your campaign on social media with visually attractive Instagram posts and engaging tweets. Use the newly launched Twitter polls to engage with your followers. You could also write content for your blog around your campaign, these can start before you launch your campaign to introduce the idea to your members. Make sure your content is engaging and most importantly shareable. Don’t forget to create a campaign hashtag, the same hashtag should be used on all channels to maintain consistency and increase click through rate.

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