Over 50s Market Steals The Show!

All of the improvements that we’ve been making across the platforms have seen a great improvement in conversions. The most noticeable increase has been across the General network and in particular in the over 50s market.



InlineIn the last week alone, the conversion rate on the General network was double that of the Adult, with the 7 day conversion rate more than 278% higher. Not only are conversion considerably higher on the General network, but additional revenue through thepurchase of credits is currently 220% higher.

“General network currently has a 7 day conversion rate 278% higher than Adult. Revenue from credits is 220% higher”



Recent CRM activity across the network continues to show positive growth in the over 50s market. The latest Featured Member campaign saw resulting revenue 61.4% higher for members over 50 than those under 50. Conversion is also typically much higher in this market as this group of people have more disposable income.

“Revenue driven from CRM activity is 61.4% higher for the over 50s!”



InlineIf you don’t already have an over 50’s site, we would recommend speaking to your Partner Manager today to discuss the opportunities that this could present you with.

This could act as a nice addition to your portfolio and drive some welcome additional revenue.

You can contact your Partner Manager by email at[email protected] or on 01753 271280.

Kindest regards,

Mel Kirk
B2B Marketing Manager
White Label Dating

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