Optimising mobile traffic in the build up to Christmas

With an increasing number of people making searches on a mobile device, it’s important to reach your customers while they’re on the go. In the last year, the volume of mobile traffic to the platform has rapidly increased, with 35% of our traffic now coming from a mobile device. We really can’t emphasise the importance of making your sites mobile friendly enough!

Just because your desktop site works on a mobile device doesn’t mean it’s mobile-friendly- it’s certainly not good user experience. More importantly, Google’s most recent update now means that if your site isn’t mobile friendly, this will affect your organic rankings. If your site isn’t already mobile optimised, get in touch with the partner team to get the code snippet that will redirect users to your fully branded mobile site.

The best way to ensure that your page is mobile optimised is to design your own mobile landing page. Tailor your site design to your brand and demographic by adding images, script and calls to action.

Split test a variety of mobile landing pages, as you would for desktop. This way you can monitor which landing page is achieving the highest click-to-registration rate.

It’s therefore essential that you create mobile specific ads. Use AdWords reporting and Campaign Tracking to gauge how well different devices are performing so you can optimise your advertising spend in line with the most effective traffic sources for your site. As the Christmas season approaches, we’re expecting to see a strong uplift in traffic, particularly from mobile devices. Make sure that your campaigns are prepared!

If you have any questions about mobile optimisation, don’t hesitate to contact the Partner team who will be on hand throughout the holidays to help you.

Frazer Comley, Partner Manager @


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