Maximising your revenue with cross-sell this Christmas

At, we regularly emphasise the importance of cross-sell. If you’re unfamiliar, cross-sell is the technique of offering existing members a targeted alternative site within your portfolio. There are three main advantages to developing a cross-sell strategy:

  1. Lowering blended cost-per-lead (CPL) across your portfolio.

  2. Increasing revenue across your portfolio.

  3. Increasing your market share.

Lowering CPL

As competition for dating services increases over the festive period, it’s crucial that you’re on top of every element of your dating business, from acquisition right through to revenue generation.

By utilising cross-sell, you naturally lower your acquisition costs. This is because you’re registering existing members (who you have already paid to acquire) from site A, your core brand, to site B, your niche brand – all for free!

Increasing revenue

The average conversion rate of a member acquired through cross-sell is below the network average. However, your profit margin per basic member from converted cross-sell members is much higher, because you have only paid to acquire them once.

Increased market share

As the dating industry becomes more competitive, it’s of the utmost importance that you have a good share of each market sector across General, Casual and Mature dating.

If you acquire a member through marketing and the user can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, they will keep searching for a site that suits them. If you can offer them a suitable alternative through cross-sell, they will stay within your brand and you’ll still have the opportunity to monetise!

Get in the Christmas Spirit

The thought of adding in a “Christmassy” element to your site might strike you as a bit cheesy, but this will instil confidence in your members that the site is updated regularly. This will increase trust for your brand, further increasing their likeliness to join another of your sites via cross-sell.

Cross-sell banner rotation

It’s easier than ever before to create multiple cross-sell campaigns for your portfolio – you’re no longer limited to one or two banners per site with the newly developed cross-registration builder in the Partner Portal. The Partner team can help you create a campaign that will show different banners to different users based on gender, age and the date they joined your site. Work with the Partner team to research the highest converting kinds of sites and then create them to offer a branded version of a selected niche.

For more information on the practicalities of implementing a cross-sell strategy, click here. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Partner team today.

A final point: Christmas office hours

Over the festive period, the Partner Team will be available via email or telephone. Our Customer Care team will be here Monday to Friday to assist all members with their queries.

Photo moderations will be continuing as usual, with the team even working on Christmas day! Our email support service will be available across all upcoming bank holidays between 9am & 5pm. The cancellation / retention team will also be available within our normal working hours.

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