Instagram advertising: everything you need to know

With more than 300 million users worldwide and 14 million in the UK, Instagram’s engaged audience makes it a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness.

The launch of Instagram advertising earlier this year allows businesses to create closely targeted messages, reaching potential customers based on their interests through custom targeting and tailored call to action buttons.

Instagram claim that 97% of brands tested generated a significant lift in ad recall and Instagram ads were found to be 2.8 times more powerful than ads across the rest of the web.

As part of the expansion, Instagram have added several new ad options for brands:

  • Brands have previously been constrained by the square photo format, however advertisers can now make use of the landscape photo, which not only allows advertisers to repurpose ads but also gives them more space to be creative.
  • Brands can benefit from direct response ads by adding call to action buttons such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Learn More’, meaning that Instagram posts can now lead directly to sales.
  • Advertisers can now make use of 30 second videos, allowing them to create even more visually appealing ads to better connect with their community. This is an opportunity for advertisers to bring their brand to life and inspire their audience.
  • Instagram have also launched a new premium product, Marquee. Ideal for brand or site launches, the feature is aimed at delivering high awareness and impact for short period of time by allowing brands to engage in rich story telling.

Dating brands like Badoo and Happn are already using this new form of advertising to drive traffic to their mobile sites by adding call to action buttons to their ads. The direct response ads create a seamless user experience by allowing users to click and go straight through to the mobile site.

Instagram Advertising

Almost 40% of traffic to the White Label Dating platform comes from mobile devices, and since Instagram is also heavily mobile focused, Instagram advertising will allow White Label Dating partners to increase traffic to their sites by creating highly engaging ads that drive users directly to their mobile site.

If you have any questions about Instagram advertising, get in touch with the partner team today.

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