How to increase your conversion rate

One of the main reasons members don’t convert from a basic membership to a paying membership is because poor quality traffic is being driven to your site. By providing high quality advertising to the right people in the right places, members will be more likely to pay for the service.

Below are some tips on how to improve the quality of your traffic and to optimise the user journey:

  • Keep your marketing relevant to your audience. If your site is for single parents or over 50s, it is important that your advertising represents this. Use advertising copy and imagery that will attract each individual niche.
  • Don’t advertise your site as being ‘totally free of charge’. Telling your users that the site is completely free will deter them from upgrading, as they’ll be less willing to pay because they were expecting to visit a free site.
  • Optimise your landing page and make sure that it’s laid out in a way that makes visitors want to sign up. Make the sign-up process clear and easy, and don’t overload site visitors with information.
  • Maintain continuity between landing pages and the adverts where users have come from. For example, if your adverts and keywords are for ‘dating in London’ make sure your site name and main image imply this.
  • Make sure that you continuously test, optimise and adapt both your marketing campaigns and your landing pages regularly. This is a vital step in attracting high quality members.

Converting members from a basic to a paying membership is how you earn revenue, so it’s important to try and get it right. Follow these tips to drive higher quality traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate.

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