How to create your Christmas marketing strategy

It’s that time of year again! Planning marketing activity for the Christmas and New Year period should be top of your priority list right now. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing detailed posts with advice on how to make the most of the natural uplift in traffic over the festive season to maximise your ROI.

The first in our seasonal series focuses on planning, advising how to structure your strategy from start to finish.

Plan ahead

Christmas is always a busy time for the dating industry; last year experienced record levels of traffic between Christmas and New Year. It’s also probably one of the most hectic times of year for you outside of work too.

Make sure you plan ahead for Christmas marketing activity and festive site design launches to allow yourself plenty of time to put activity into action and to let consumers make the most of it. Make a to-do list and add a date for each point to be completed by, then stick to it!

Learn from the past

What were your campaigns last Christmas? How did they perform? Think about what worked well, what didn’t and why, then adjust this year’s marketing strategy to improve on those elements accordingly. You may need to dig deeper into your campaigns to find the answers. If this is something you need to discuss with the partner team, get in touch now to ensure you’re prepared.

Build up hype

Are you planning on launching a festive site design, competition or offer to coincide with Christmas? Let your members know about it by advertising on your landing page and across social media platforms if you use them. Build up some anticipation!

Know your customers

No one knows your target market as well as you do; you know what works for them and what they want for Christmas from their favourite online dating site. Give your members what they want, whether it’s an offer code, a free read or a blog on a site feature and how to use it. Whatever you decide, start promoting them!

Festive site design

Christmas is a great time to give your site a unique look and enhance your customers’ high spirits. Add a festive touch; this could be anything from a Santa hat on the registration form, a Christmassy background or a wreath here or there – anything you can think of. Don’t be afraid to be different! You don’t have to stop with the landing page either. Remember that you can change elements of the application too to give it a festive feel.

Christmas content

Keep your blogs and site content festive and update imagery across blogs and social media channels.

Christmas can be a lonely time of year for singles, so keep reminding them there is someone out there for them, and they could be on your site! The Comms team will be running lots of offers and free reads over this period. Keep an eye on the WLD blog and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to stay up-to-date so you can keep your members informed.

Be mobile friendly

Boxing Day can be boring, especially if you are single and stuck with family. You check your phone for messages and start chatting to someone new. It’s a common scenario! Don’t miss out on the opportunities available and make sure your site is optimised for mobile with a mobile landing page. Google penalises sites in organic rankings that don’t have a mobile optimised landing page – don’t lose out.

Be different

It’s important that you stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to be a little different in your marketing strategy this year; individuality will get people talking.

If you have any queries about your Christmas strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the partner team – we’re here to help. Most importantly, have a great Christmas!

Sarah Iles, Partner Manager @

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