How to convert your members: the basics

If you have a low conversion rate and your basic members aren’t upgrading, that’s typically because you’re sending poorly targeted traffic to your site. You can combat this with a few simple steps that create a consistent user journey from your marketing campaigns to your site.

Don’t create misleading ads

Your site is subscription based, so don’t use the term ‘totally free’ in your ads. Not only is this misleading and against ASA guidelines, but it means you won’t get the right kind of customer landing on your site. If someone signs up for your site expecting a free service, it’s unlikely they’re going to pay to upgrade.

Tailor your marketing activity to your audience

Whether your site is for widows, single parents or over 50s, make sure that all of your marketing campaigns are relevant to that audience. Use language and imagery that relates to the people using the site.

Be consistent across your landing pages and ads

Provide your users with a smooth transition between your ads and your site. If you’re advertising a niche site for ginger haired people, your site name and main image should make this clear. If your ads and keywords are for “dating in London”, make sure your landing page states that this is a dating site for people in London.

Optimise your landing page

Make sure that your landing pages are designed to make registering the focal point of your page. A simple structure that offers minimal distraction from the registration form can be very effective: You can split-test different page designs or layouts to identify which version has the best conversion rate.

Continue to optimise

You should test multiple variations of your page to achieve a high click-to-registration rate. Campaign optimisation is vital if you want to continuously increase your conversion rate. For example, if we’re looking at paid traffic you need to test ad text, keywords and your budget.

For more advice on how to increase your conversion rate, get in touch with the partner team who will be happy to help.

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