How to build a recognisable brand

Good branding is what makes your brand memorable – it’s what gets people talking. With so many dating sites on the market, having a recognisable brand will help you stand out against competitors. A strong brand identity also inspires more consumer trust and could increase your conversion rate.

Look at what your competitors are doing

Before developing your own identity, look around the marketplace. What are other dating sites doing well that you want to include in your own strategy? What aren’t they doing so well that you think you could improve? Use them as inspiration to create your own unique brand.

Ask for opinions and use the data available to you

Your brand should have its own individual identity. As part of that, you should make it clear what your site’s unique selling points are. As interpreting a brand is a subjective practice, you might find it useful to ask people you trust for their opinion of your brand. Split testing is an effective way of collecting and analysing data about different branding elements; use it to identify which logos, colours, or buttons lead to a higher click-to-registration rate.

Create a set of brand guidelines (even if they’re just for yourself)

Creating a set of brand guidelines that note the specifics of your visual identity, tone of voice and style will make it easier to maintain consistency across all of your marketing material. They’re also particularly helpful if you work with external parties to execute any part of your marketing strategy.

Think about your brand like it’s a person

Who would they be friends with? How would they behave in different situations? Add authenticity to your brand by only connecting with those organisations and people that align with your brand values. For example, you might follow a dating blogger on your brand’s Twitter account but you probably wouldn’t follow an estate agent.

Be consistent

Use colours from your logo across your landing pages design, social media channels and ads to reinforce your brand identity. Consistency will make your dating site more memorable.

Don’t be afraid to refresh your branding

Don’t be afraid to experiment and test different elements of your branding. The smallest change could make a big difference. Just be sure to test the impact.

Take a long-term view

When it comes to branding, it’s likely that you’ll see the effects in the long-term rather than immediately. Branded search queries are increasing year-on-year so building a strong brand identity could be the key to generating consistently growing revenues.

It takes time, but building brand awareness is proven to drive good quality traffic and boost revenue. If you need any support with developing your dating brand, get in touch with the partner team today.

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