Developing your portfolio with cross-registration

Cross-registration (or cross-selling) allows you to monetise your existing non-converting traffic by offering basic members an alternative, more tailored site within your portfolio. You can set up cross-registration by placing banners within the application, in email communications and on mobile.

How does cross-registration work?

First, you need to design a banner ad for the site/s that you want to promote; the ad should offer your members something different to the current service they’re signed up to. For example, if your site is, you may choose to promote or

When you’ve created your banner, send it to a member of the partner team. For more details about what makes a great cross-sell banner strategy, click here.

The team will then set this to appear within the application at either the head of the page or so that it sits vertically along the side of the page. We’ll then set this banner to appear to members who failed to convert within a given timeframe. When the banner is live, you can track its performance using the Campaign Tracking tool in the Partner Portal to measure its effectiveness.


Cross-registration can significantly increase your members’ lifetime values. By offering them the option of trying something different, you’re able to keep members within your portfolio for longer, rather than risking them cancelling their subscription because they haven’t found what they were looking for.

Using cross-registration also means there will be increased activity across your portfolio, helping to boost the performance of new site launches.

Profitable cross-sell niches

One of the benefits of using the White Label Dating network is the number of niches available to you. Because of the size and variety of member pools available, there are plenty of opportunities for cross-selling. A few of the niches seeing success at the moment that you might want to consider are:

  • Mature dating
  • Single parent dating
  • Professional dating
  • Casual dating

Banner examples

Designing a creative banner is a skill in itself; it’s important to get the right balance of text and imagery to grab your members’ attention. Below are just a few examples of successful banners that have performed well. Use these as inspiration when creating your own.


senior banner

Cross-selling can be a powerful tool for developing your portfolio. For more information on how to get started, get in touch with the partner team today.

Tamsin Boughey, Partner Manager at White Label Dating®

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