WLD’s All Things Web Geekup

Our developers are always working hard to roll out new features on the platform which means that they’re normally heads down beavering away. We thought that it would be good for them to interact with some other humans once in a while though, which is why we thought a Geekup would be great. The collection of different people from the web industry with similar interests, interacting with our very own geeks just seemed perfect!

We’re suckers for gadgets and toys here at White Label Dating, from Xbox360, Wii, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Table Football… the list goes on. We thought where better to host the Geekup than our games room and so our very first “All Things Web Geekup” found it’s venue. An open invitation was sent to all using the power that is Twitter and Upcoming and before you know it, we had ourselves an event.

The night was a huge success with loads of chatter (not a common occurrence with so many developers in the house), ranging from coding, marketing, startups in the current climate, finance, recruitment and Guitar Hero strategies. We had an amazing night, so much fun and made many new friends.

Feedback has been great and we’ve had requests to find out when the next will be, so we’re definitely hoping to make this a regular thing. If you’re interested in coming along, be sure to follow us on Twitter or fan us up on Facebook.

Rawk on!

Mel & The WLD Gang 🙂

Credits: Rockband photo thanks to drewm

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