Why a good entrepreneur is like a supercar

Salon Privé: The self-described ‘premier boutique motoring event’, prestigious supercar show, and a veritable hotbed of the UK’s most elite car fans… plus a selection of the family!

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We headed to the event with a selection of our top performing partners to celebrate the closing of a successful financial year in the dating business. So it got me thinking, what does a supercar and a good entrepreneur have in common? It turns out quite a lot actually.

1. They move fast.

If you want to be successful in business, you can’t stand still. Particularly in a digital landscape that changes as frequently as online dating, if you can’t keep up with the latest technical and marketing trends, you’re going to get left behind. A good entrepreneur moves at rocket speed; just not quite as fast as a Ferrari.

2. Advanced mechanics.

It goes without saying that supercars have a lot going on under the bonnet, but you absolutely cannot be a good entrepreneur without the brain power to back it up. As well as flair, you need to have a knowledge base that enables you to create advanced strategy, have technical skill in your particular industry and be able to stay ahead of the curve to create a business that is a well oiled machine. Supercars are super for a reason; the same reason you launched a successful business.

3. They’re one of a kind.

They don’t make many supercars, and they don’t make many good entrepreneurs either. Mostly, that ‘one of a kind’ essence comes from having a unique idea. In dating, that means thinking up a new niche or finding a new way to market to niche communities. Successful entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, it takes a certain unique quality.

4. They’re high performance.

Most entrepreneurs get where they are through sheer hard work, commitment and determination, and then they reap the rewards. By consistently pushing their business to the next level and pushing boundaries, their businesses perform well.

Salon Prive

Salon Prive

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