UK expected to have 15m singles by 2011

The Tonight Show on ITV put dating under the microscope last night, as the dating industry becomes bigger and more profitable than ever before.

The programme reported that it’s estimated there will be 15 MILLION singles by 2011 making the dating industry’s value over £1billion.

Three dating hopefuls each tried different methods of dating – online, personal match-making and more traditional methods, such as approaching people in bars and speed dating. Online and match-making came out head and shoulders above more traditional methods, giving people the opportunity to pre-scope their dates. However the only draw back with match making was the associated costs that can be found with some agencies.

So it looks as though the future is bright for online dating, with more and more people turning on their computers to find love.

If you missed the show, it’s well worth catching up on here. Enjoy.

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