TangoWire choose White Label Dating as strategic partner

TangoWire, America’s largest private label dating solution, has chosen White Label Dating as a strategic partner, following a rigorous nine month selection process. The partnership sees 3,500 TangoWire sites and hundreds of thousands of members migrated to the award-winning White Label Dating platform.

Private label dating solution provider TangoWire has been in operation for over 14 years, with sites in all English speaking territories. The strategic partnership serves a dual purpose; TangoWire will benefit from White Label Dating’s extensive expertise in the UK and Australian dating markets, while the member migration will enrich White Label Dating’s US database to support their aggressive US expansion strategy.

Following the migration, White Label Dating power over 7,500 sites for millions of members in the US alone. This follows a number of steps that the UK-based company is taking to accelerate its US expansion, including the appointment of ex-Google John Ray as Chief Revenue Officer.

TangoWire CEO, Bryan Brown, said of the partnership:

From the first conversation I had with White Label Dating it became clear their software is industry leading. Given the company’s expertise and demonstrable success in the UK and Australian markets, the partnership made perfect sense considering our large presence in the US market.  We are excited about this partnership and are looking forward to solid growth in 2015 and beyond.

Co-founder and COO at White Label Dating, Steve Pammenter, commented:

Our core growth strategy for 2015 places a heavy focus on the US. Ahead of online dating’s busiest season in January, our partnership with TangoWire will bring a large pool of active and engaged US members to our database. We hope this will result in a better user experience for members and subsequently, higher conversion rates for our partners.

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