NatMags Marketing Cleverly


We were pleased to see one of our great partners, NatMags featured in NMA this week looking at the launch of their recent sites.

“Cosmopolitan’s The One and Men’s Health’s Dating Lounge will be separately branded but will exploit the crossover in reader demographics to match users from each site.”

The sites have been cleverly targeted for each of their audiences ensuring that the branding is consistent with the sites and the platform integrates seamlessly with their navigation. Through linking to each of the sites, they’re hoping to get plenty of males and females signing up, all of which should be around the same age group and with similar interests.

Justine Southall, Publishing Director for Cosmopolitan magazine said:

“The most popular and important sections are the sex and relationship areas, representing an opportunity for synergy,” said Southall. “We already share content with Men’s Health and this is a good example of making it into something tangible.”

This just backs up the figures that we here at are witnessing… dating is going from strength to strength. With the documented difficulty that publishers are facing in the current economy, it’s no wonder that NatMags could see the potential of an additional revenue stream by monetising it’s readers. Initial numbers have been encouraging and we look forward to seeing the growth of these sites.

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