Matthew Pitt’s take on mobile dating

Matthew Pitt, Operations Director at White Label Dating® services, gave Mobile Entertainment Magazine his take on how dating businesses can capitalize on the increasing volume of mobile dating traffic.

Matthew highlights the growth of mobile adoption on the White Label Dating services platform and the opportunity that a mobile first business model holds for online dating.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen the popularity of mobile dating soar. In 2012, the proportion of mobile traffic coming to the +13,000 sites on the White Label Dating services platform was around 15%: In the first month of 2014, that figure sits at 40%. A third of consumers sign-up to online dating sites from a mobile device, with one in four paying for dating services on their mobile – a figure we can expect to see increase rapidly alongside advances in mobile payment technology this year.”

As well as discussing the steady rise in the popularity of mobile apps such as Tinder, Matthew argued that perhaps apps which seek to gamify online dating will have less longevity than traditional dating platforms.

The article provides an insightful commentary on the state of mobile dating, detailing some really useful stats – a great read for both aspiring and established dating entrepreneurs. To read the article in full, click here.


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