GDI San Fran 2022 Conference Round-up

The White Label Dating team has just returned from the ‘Golden City’, where we attended Global Dating Insight’s San Francisco Dating Conference.

The conference took place at the Omni Hotel on 20th October 2022. It was a fantastic day of insightful talks and presentations from many industry-leaders, including our very own COO, Dave Adams.

Ahead of a huge international push later this year, the conference was a great opportunity for us to speak to others and realign ourselves with the core topics that need to be at the forefront of every dating business right now.

IMG_6643 (1)

Trust, privacy, protection, safety and well-being

There were 5 words spoken at GDISF-22 more so than any others – “Trust, privacy, protection, safety and well-being”. 5 words which encapsulated the very unofficial theme of the event and one we all in the industry have a duty to deliver on.

The company behind White Label Dating exists to give all people the freedom to belong, to connect with others, to share their passions and be accepted in a safe, trusted environment. This demonstrates our alignment with the most pertinent matters influencing our industry today. However, like most others within the space, we’ve all got improvements to make when it comes to these five key topics.

The key take-aways will help to guide our plans as we begin a huge international push next month for brands and partners of our award-winning platform, – plans with trust, privacy, protection, safety and well-being at the forefront.

We have already made a considerable investment into our own portfolio of in-house brands which will help to drive engagement across the platform for our partners. For more information about our 2023 plans or if you aren’t yet partnered with us and want to get started, contact our partner team here.

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