Gambling affiliates migrate to dating

Gambling affiliates turn towards’s indestructible mainstream and casual dating offers and earn 100% net revenue share at a time of uncertainty throughout COVID-19

In a once seemingly bullet-proof industry, the impact of the current widespread pandemic, COVID-19, has put the gambling market to the test. An unpredictable, unprecedented situation is posing challenging times for gambling businesses and affiliates across the world, as sports betting revenues vanish due to the lack of sporting events worldwide. The wider gambling industry still has a level of risk and some underlying fragility as the current global crisis has resulted in MPs imploring that wider online gambling firms, including “virtual sports” and online casinos, impose a temporary betting cap of £50 a day, as evidence emerged that sports bettors are moving away from mainstream sports to more riskier wagers. 

With clinical leads on its case the wider gambling market, although not confirmed, is being cautious to avoid such caps. With unwelcomed uncertainty increasing day by day for affiliates whose futures reside in the gambling space, many are now struggling to monetise their online traffic with confidence and looking for alternative options.

Where should they be looking? Online dating, an evergreen vertical in the affiliate world has seen revenues and conversion rates soar as people are at home, online, bored and looking for a connection, whatever kind that may be. The dip in gambling activity has had a positive impact on online users’ behavioural habits and more importantly, their spend towards other sectors, in particular casual and senior dating., the leading white label dating software provider across all major English-speaking GEO’s, recently reported an impressive +19% increase in the number of subscribers to their dating offers on the same day as registration, versus the second highest recorded date in 2020 thus far. This staggering increase was seen across both Mainstream and Casual networks.

The Company is encouraging gambling and gaming affiliates to enter the dating market at a time they can support them with 100% net revenue share to get them off the ground. With a focus on ‘chatting online’ compared to ‘meeting’ at a time of social distancing, new affiliates are already seeing huge success. With such a stable offering during an unsettling period for many businesses, affiliates, quite rightly, are steering back towards indestructible verticals like dating.


White Label Dating’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Pammenter, comments: 

“It is becoming more and more apparent that shifting from gambling to dating offers is an idea for affiliates to toy with at this time. As COVID-19 continues to impact our society’s ability to go out, more and more people are at home and online. Online dating has become a very popular means of communication and entertainment, making this vertical a no-brainer in the coming weeks. 

“We can support any new affiliates and offer a starting revenue share of 100% to get them off the ground. The dating niche is growing constantly and in today’s current climate, the likelihood of breaking through is easier than ever with our generous payout scheme”.

“Our award-winning platform allows affiliates to promote niche offers on both our Mainstream and Casual networks. The White Label Dating platform proved reliable and resilient during the last economic recession from 2008 onwards – our partners’ historic revenues strongly support that – in fact this is when we saw our  most rapid growth as a company to date.”


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