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Here at we pride ourselves in being experts in our field, truly understanding the industry, its community and how best to serve those people. We go to extensive lengths to innovate and to try and make the dating scene more fun, safe and successful than ever before. We do this for our own piece of mind, knowing that when we come to work in the morning, we’re improving and enriching people’s lives, often introducing them to their mate for life.the-sun-news1

We were very excited to be approached as industry commentators for a number of national newspapers. This in turn is great for raising the profile of online dating, increasing awareness and making it more socially acceptable and thus increasing the size of the market, which hopefully in turn should earn our partners more.

The Sun featured an article on “Netting a Husband.” The article discussed the issue of women no longer looking for one night stands, but instead looking for their Mr. Right. The article quotes Ross Williams discussing his thoughts on the issue, “They now search for traditional marriage partners rather than casual sex. It’s a return to more traditional female and family values.” You can check out the article online at, The Sun, Netting a Husband.

The Daily Star features a similar article stating that women are rejecting one night stands and are instead going down the route of dating more guys, until they find the right one for them. Ross is quoted again in this article backing up this statement with figures from our sites, “A year ago, 30% of women said they used sites like ours for a night of passion. Now it’s down to just 5%.”

Not only were we mentioned in these national newspapers, we have also been mentioned in an article published in City A.M, which went live on 4th September 2009. The article, titled ‘Looking for Love’ discusses some of our niche dating sites and in particular talks about some of our developing sites such as, and, which are not yet live. The sites are aimed at gentleman who may have been a little unlucky in love in the past due to their bank balances! Ross is asked how we will prevent those sneaky gold digger types from registering on the sites, to which Ross replied, “Well, that wouldn’t be in the spirit of things, would it? Though I suppose if any relationship fostered by the site subsequently went sour and provoked any attempts at gold-digging, the membership might serve as an online form of pre-nup?”

It great to see some much press attention focused on online dating in the media. Let’s hope the trend continues as more people switch on their computers to find love.

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