How to improve your Klout Score

What is Klout?

Klout is a social media analysis tool that ranks its users according to their online social influence, giving individual users a ‘Klout Score’ between 1 and 100.

It helps to measure the impact that brands have on social media, allowing them to identify what they could be doing more or less of to increase engagement with their following.

To calculate a user’s score, Klout works out the correlation between the size of a person or brand’s social media following or network and how their users are interacting with their content. It analyses a number of social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

How can Klout can help you assess your marketing efforts?

Finding out your Klout Score allows you to work out the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. When you have a figure that you can use as a benchmark, it makes it easier to assess whether your online influence is growing or not. Knowing this, you can work out the steps to improve engagement.

In addition, Klout can help you to identify who has a strong social presence online if you were considering collaborating with a brand or influencer.

How to improve your Klout Score?

Connect all of your social media accounts
By connecting all of your active social media accounts to Klout, you will get the most accurate measurement of your overall influence. You should bear in mind that only active accounts should be linked to Klout. By linking platforms that only have a few followers and that you post less frequently on, could damage your Klout Score.

Quality content
Sharing relevant content on your social network is a simple way to get noticed. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend lots of time creating this content, but anything you think will be well received by your audience is worth a share!

Connect with strong influencers
Engaging with influential people online could increase your Klout Score. Whether that’s through retweeting, sharing their content or tagging them in posts. Any communication that could potentially get a conversation going could increase your ranking.

Be active but not too active
Though it’s great to be seen to be engaging with your users, you should consider how often. If you’re too active on your social media channels, people may swipe past your content which would mean they’re unlikely to read or share your content which could lower your chances of boosting your Klout Score. However, your Klout Score is most realistic when it’s combined with other social media analytics tools and shouldn’t be relied on as a single metric.

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