How to understand your metrics

It’s important to know how your sites are performing at all times. You can understand this by looking at your key metrics regularly. This will help you identify which sites are performing well, so that you can allocate your marketing budget to the best performing sites and spend less on the ones that aren’t performing as well.

We offer reports within our Partner Portal to help you identify how your sites are performing. Here’s a step by step guide on how to run these reports:

1. For each network and territory, run a key metrics report for each site for the last full month within the Partner Portal. Make sure you order the results by ‘highest to lowest volume of basic registrations’.

2. Download the report to CSV (which is a file in Microsoft Excel).

3. Now you’re in Excel you should familiarise yourself with the following terms:

  • Initial cash per basic (iCpB): how much initial cash you generate from every basic you register, non-paying registration
  • Initial cash per subscription (iCpS): how much money you generate from every new subscription
  • Snapshot conversion: the rate that your users convert to paying members at

4. Create three new columns with these acronyms/titles and enter the following formulas beneath for each title.

  • Initial cash per basic – =SUM(initial cash / basic registrations)
  • Initial cash per subscription – =SUM (initial cash / initials)
  • Snapshot conversions- =SUM (initials / basic registrations)

5. When you have entered each formula in the right column, drag down the formula to apply it to all of the sites in your report.

You should now be able to make some comparisons. Look across the list of your sites to see which site is performing best across all three metrics. This is the site that you should send the largest volume of traffic to.

Case Study example

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 16.28.40

By looking at the key metrics for site A and site Bs, we can see that even though site A is driving more basic registrations, site B is making more money. From that information, we can see that site B is better optimised for achieving a good conversion rate.

Analysing and understanding this information can help you learn how to increase your revenue in the future. You can use these reports to work out how much initial cash you could earn from your other sites if you optimised them better.

To work this out, multiply the volume of basic registrations on site A by the initial cash per basic on site B.

8881 (site A basics) x 1.04 (iCpB of site B) = £9,236

The total is £9,236. That means that by optimising site B, you have the potential to earn £2,067 more initial cash than what you earned driving the same level of basic registrations to site A (£9,236 – £7,169 = £2,067).

Now you can adjust your marketing strategy based on what you’ve learnt and increase your profit margin in the future.

For more information about this report and how it can benefit you, speak to your Partner Manager.

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