The Google Ad Extensions You Should Be Using

The average Google Ad converts just 4.40 percent of the time.

If you really want to increase the effectiveness and reach of each campaign, you need to use Google Ad Extensions.


What Are Google Ad Extensions?

Google ad extensions are just a fancy way of saying, “The stuff you can adjust, add, and alter about your Google ad campaigns.”

On average, Google finds there can be a 10-15 percent uplift in CTR when implementing a new ad extension.

Google ad extensions are important if you want to improve conversions from paid campaigns.


Want to add different links in your ad? Use the Sitelinks Google ad extension.

You can use these extensions to encourage users to choose where they’d like to go instead of just visiting your homepage or landing page when they click on your ad.

You are making it easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for. You’re giving them answers even faster.

Structured Snippets

Featured snippets get 35.1 percent of all clicks, making them an ideal way to increase organic traffic.

Structured snippet Google ad extensions are useful to highlight your products, services, and popular features users may be looking for.

Callout Extensions

The callout Google ad extension is quite versatile—you can use it to say a variety of different things.

You can describe the kinds of products you offer, promote a special deal you currently have or call out your specific target market. They are easy to customize and make it even easier to highlight some of your key business offerings. 


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