WLD confirms increased same-day conversion as new norm confirms increased same-day conversion as the new norm following recent work to implement new anti-bot technologies combined with fantastic optimisation efforts from WLD partners.

Following updates in recent months highlighting conversion rates across the WLD platform climbing to new highs, we’re delighted with the new sustained norms. We saw a record-breaking same-day conversion rate in May that boosted revenues for partners across both our Mainstream and Casual networks. We’re confident in the coming weeks that partners will benefit from enhanced platform performance as they work to optimise their campaigns.

This week our partner team will help partners make the most of these impressive same-day and seven-day conversion rates with bespoke reporting on age, gender and device at a site, campaign and keyword level. This teamed with 100% net revenue share on all new sites sets partners up perfectly to maximise their profits in June.

The WLD platform’s reliable conversion rates started as a result of recent work to enhance this metric with new anti-bot technologies, combined with tremendous optimisation efforts from White Label Dating’s partners. We’re delighted with the increased revenues our partners are seeing and look forward to growing these further.

There is still time to apply for 100% net rev share!

We’re still currently accepting applicants to receive 100% net share, then up to 80% for life – guaranteed – as part of our rapid-growth tiered revenue share scheme.

In addition to the 100% net share we are offering partners:

  • Free hosting for landing pages
  • Free SSL certificates for sites and landing pages
  • Rapid-growth tiered revenue share program
  • Concierge member migration service to help migrate members from other platforms to WLD

Get in touch with our partner team today for more information about growing your dating revenues with WLD.

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