Why you should be using video marketing

Through YouTube, Vine, Vimeo and Snapchat, video has quickly become an easily digestible way to consume content.

A study conducted by Diode Digital found that video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined. The study also found that unlike other forms of content marketing, video can evoke feelings in the consumer such as trust, curiosity and confidence. This proves that marketers now have an effective, versatile and highly shareable medium to reach their audiences, with an opportunity to add a more human touch to a brand.

Video marketing also allows marketers to create content that is convenient for the consumer to watch. The most successful brands use video to help them build better consumer relationships and educate their consumers about their products. Videos can be highly effective for customer testimonials, tutorials, case studies, video blogs and event videos to bring an event to life and add a human touch to brands.

Most importantly, videos can provide entertainment and amusement for your users. Use this correctly and it can create positive brand associations that set you apart from the competition. Videos that play instantly, without needing a click are highly effective.

Nearly 40% of all video is watched on mobile, so the trick is to create content that catches the consumer’s’ eye within seconds and then keeps their attention. Ensure your video has a clear message and isn’t overloaded with branding for the highest chances of success.

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