What you need to know about Google updates

Google recently announced a broad core update, as well as a site diversity change, designed to improve the relevance and quality of Google search results.

In recent weeks Google announced two releases. Although unconnected, they are both designed to improve the relevance and the quality of Google search results. It is vital for webmasters and digital marketers across all industries to be aware of these updates as they may explain changes in your organic rankings.

Google announced the June 2019 Core Update as their first release. This started on 3rd June and finished rolling out on 8th June. While Google makes hundreds of small changes to the algorithm each year – most with little noticeable change – there are relatively few major updates. These are the core updates and are at the heart of the ranking algorithm.

As with any update, some sites may notice drops or gains. These core updates impact how Google search results are ranked and listed. Click here to find out more about the June 2019 Core Update.

Overlapping with the June 2019 Core update, Google announced the Site Diversity launch as their second release. This rolled out on 4th June and finished on 6th June. This update means that you usually won’t see more than two listings from the same site in the top results. However, Google does reserve the right to show more than two results from the same domain name when the systems determine relevant to do so for a particular search, such as branded queries.

This site diversity launch is strictly related to domains. This only affects main listings and does not affect other displays on the search results such as top stories, featured snippets, map listings, etc. Click here to find out more.

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