Members can now add their subscription straight to their mobile phone bill

In August, we launched carrier billing across the White Label Dating platform to give members the opportunity to seamlessly add their dating subscriptions straight to their mobile phone bill. Since adding this new, popular payment option, our partners have seen a +28% increase in new same-day subscribers.

What is carrier billing?

Carrier billing is a payment method which allows users to charge goods and services (including dating subscriptions) straight to their mobile phone bills, without the need to add in any payment details at the point of purchase.

We’ve partnered with Fonix, a leading carrier billing platform, to bring this popular function to the White Label Dating platform to ensure our partners can continue to improve their ROI.


How does it work? 

When a mobile user opts to upgrade their subscription and pay via mobile, their mobile phone will automatically identify them without them needing to input their mobile number. The user will then simply agree to ‘pay by mobile’ to add the cost directly to their phone bill.

Desktop users can also opt to pay via their phone bill. Instead of being automatically identified, they will simply enter their phone number to receive a code, which they will enter on their desktop device to add the payment to their phone bill.

Why we implemented carrier billing

Carrier billing is a highly scalable, globally recognised solution which will allow our partners to grow their dating revenues in both the UK and internationally.

We’ve introduced carrier billing alongside traditional credit and debit card payments on the payments page. It will also provide a fallback for members who attempt to use a traditional method, but experience friction – for example, an issue with the bank.

We want to offer all users another opportunity to pay for a shorter, cheaper subscription and add the cost to their phone bill, so they can continue to benefit from all of the full member features our partners’ sites have to offer and continue to connect, engage and share within tolerant, inclusive communities that help people live their happily ever now.

What it means for our partners 

Since introducing carrier billing in mid August, our partners have seen +28% growth in new same-day subscribers! These are members that upgrade to a paid subscription on the same day that they register to a dating site on the White Label Dating platform.


We worked extremely closely with Fonix to implement carrier billing in the best way possible. This included optimising the user experience (UX) to ensure members can upgrade in the most seamless and convenient way possible, especially as more and more users are using mobile devices to access sites within our network.

The implementation of carrier billing, including the UX optimisations, will ensure our partners achieve a greater ROI from their marketing efforts.

We’re extremely pleased with how members are adopting mobile carrier billing. We’re excited to see how upgrade rates continue to flourish in the coming weeks.

For more information about carrier billing, contact us via email here.

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