We’ve enhanced our Postback Tracking tool!

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What could you do then?

In November last year, we launched Postback Tracking for your Google campaigns – a vital tool that will help you generate higher margins and ultimately more cash through more accurate ROI tracking. 

Our postback tool posted all revenues generated from a Google campaign (Registration, Initial, Re-initial, Re-bill, Refund and Chargeback) straight back into your Google dashboard meaning there was no need to cross-reference different reports from the search engine and the partner portal. 

If you’ve already set up postback tracking for your Google campaigns, you don’t need to change anything! We will automatically update the format to work with the new advanced tool.

Now the exciting part….

What can you do now? 

Since the launch of Postback Tracking for your Google campaigns, we’ve been working on expanding the tool to cater for all traffic sources!

Our new enhanced Postback Tracking tool will ensure you can maximise return on all campaigns, regardless of acquisition source! Whether you’re acquiring with Google, Bing or Facebook (to name just a few!) you’ll be able to post back all conversion data straight back into the source dashboard and optimise your ads and campaigns through more accurate ROI data.   

The tool will allow you to spend your money on the campaigns that will make you a higher return and generate the largest LTV! 

Ready to get started with postback across your other acquisition sources? 

Get in touch with your partner manager and let them know exactly what data you’d like to post back into the source. We’ll work closely with you to get this set up and running straight away.  Let’s get started! 

Not sure who your account manager is? Reach out to [email protected] where a member of the team will be more than happy to assist you. 


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