Valentine’s Day Success

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for the dating industry. The year-on-year growth that we typically see around cupid’s favourite holiday is a sure-fire sign that fills us with confidence in the continued expansion of the online dating industry, not to mention our own platform.

Valentine’s Day at, always inspires a hive of activity and this year was no different. With planning dating back as far this time last year, the team have spent the last month frantically abuzz, busy preparing Valentine’s themed marketing campaigns, seasonal copy and design and ensuring that sites were ready to cope with the uplift in traffic.

The Comms team were also busy at work, offering our members a fantastic discount offer to help them find love this Valentine’s Day, as well as offering members a chance to read their messages for free.

And our Valentine’s Day efforts were not in vain! ‘Free read’ activity increased the number of peak basic members online by an impressive 180%, going to show the real impact of quality communications. In addition, a number of people were drawn to our sites as they looked for opportunities to spend the next year being lucky in love, as we attracted 27% more basic members than on Valentine’s Day last year. What’s more, we also saw a 49% increase in revenue, proving that online dating remains a recession resilient industry.

Overall, a successful Valentine’s Day for the team here at HQ, and our members.

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