Upcoming calendar dates you should know about

From Halloween to Thanksgiving, there are a number of calendar events coming up over the next few months that you can take advantage of! Use them as an opportunity to create engaging marketing campaigns to entice and engage new users.

Here are some key calendar dates you should be aware of over the next couple of months:

Halloween – 31st October

Guy Fawkes – 5th November (UK)

Election Day – 8th November (US)

Thanksgiving – 24th November (US)

Increase social media activity

To increase the visibility of your targeted marketing campaigns, schedule attractive and engaging posts across your social media channels. You should think outside the box with which channels you want to use, as you may be able to reach a whole new audience on a platform you haven’t considered using before.

Instagram and Snapchat are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. You should take advantage of this by creating eye catching images and videos to entertain your audience as part of your marketing campaign.

Bid on relevant keywords

Around the time of recognised calendar dates, consumers will see a lot of themed advertising and marketing campaigns. It’s important you bid on relevant dating keywords but you can make them stand out a little more by including fun related copy, for example, ‘Spark up a relationship this bonfire night’.

You should start thinking outside the box with your bidding strategy. Highly targeted ads tend to have a higher click through rate as they are targeted to a more specific group who are likely to engage with the ad content.

Add appropriate imagery to landing pages

Why not update your landing pages with themes, colours and imagery that relate to the upcoming occasion? This will help to catch the eye of your users and increase your click through rate.

While advertising is really important to attract new users, comms campaigns can be effective at driving engagement and encouraging activity on your sites. We’ve got some exciting campaigns planned to engage your users around these key calendar events so keep an eye out for them!

For any more questions regarding your advertising, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Partner Team here.

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