How to understand in-page user behaviour

On Tuesday 24th May, we held an exclusive webinar for White Label Dating partners. Led by Premium Partner Manager, Chris Bullen, the webinar focused on how to use heatmapping software to understand in-page user behaviour and improve improve your conversion rate.

We introduced PT Engine, an all-in-one analytics tool that lets you see exactly what consumers are doing on your site through click, scroll and attention heatmaps. We showed how this information about how people are using your site can be used to improve the user experience and to increase your conversion rates.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the webinar.

Users don’t scroll as far as you think

Regardless of network, territory, channel, design and device type, users don’t scroll as far down the page as you may think. Using a Love2Meet page as an example, we found that only 7% of users actually scroll to reach the bottom of the page.

This means that page length and where you position key items of content on the page is important. You should aim to focus user attention on the task you want them to perform e.g. sign up or login, while giving them sufficient reasons to join without distracting them with other elements on the page.

Certain elements can distract user attention

Through heatmaps, PT Engine shows you where users are clicking on your pages. We were surprised to see that some users were trying to click on some non-interactive elements of the page. This tells us which elements on the page are distracting users from the calls to action.

Analyse where your users are clicking and consider changing elements of the page that distract user attention away from what you want them to focus on. This could be the background image, any arrows, wording or even the position of other content on the page.

Trial and test the performance of your pages

From looking at various examples, we found that users don’t always behave the way you expect them to. Test the performance of your landing pages to find out exactly where users are clicking, where they are focusing their attention and how far they are scrolling. The insights you gain from testing will help you to identify areas of improvement and on your pages.

User behaviour differs depending on the site and the traffic source, meaning there is no simple answer to landing page optimisation. However, every bit of insight you gain will help you to determine what to test next to help you focus users on the task you want them to perform.

PT Engine is not the only page analysis software out there but it provides multiple layers of data and is an excellent single service solution. It will help you to gain an understanding of the behavioural patterns on your site, which can be instrumental in helping you optimise your landing pages and grow your conversion rates.

By increasing the click to registration performance of your landing pages you will be generating extra revenue with no additional advertising costs!

For more information about implementing PT Engine, speak to your Partner Manager.

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