Tips on how to improve your landing pages

Getting your landing page right is important. It’s an opportunity to reinforce your brand values and prove to consumers that your site is trustworthy. There are many ways you can look to improve your landing pages from analysing competitor sites to researching marketing trends.

Here are some things that are crucial to creating an innovative landing page…

Remember that first impressions count

First impressions count and since your landing page is the first thing a user sees when they reach your site, it’s important that the page is attention grabbing, clean and has a strong brand.

While it’s important to have an attractively designed landing page, you should make sure it highlights your USPs and what you offer that your competitors don’t. This should increase your click through rate, search engine ranking and visibility.

Try using interesting animation

Gambling sites are great at showing personality in a way that’s useful and valuable. There’s a current trend for including interesting animation to draw attention to offers. For example, Betfair’s website features a casino chip moving around the page to highlight an offer or a free bet. This is fun and has flair without being a gimmick. Using animation in this way could lead to an increased uptake in offers.

The same technique was also used by British Airways who showed a plane with a banner containing a promotional discount, flying across the screen. Not only does this kind of detail draw visitors’ attention, but it also reinforces the credibility of your brand (when it’s done well).

Animation will add interesting details to your site that can make your site look more high end and trustworthy. Try it out to see how it performs and if it increases your click to registration rate.

Trust and consistency

If your site design is of a high quality and looks sophisticated, users will instantly trust your brand. You should also make sure the design is consistent with other brand assets, for example, social media images. Consistency will add credibility and reinforce brand recognition.

There are other ways to reinforce trust too. An example of forming trust with your user would be by displaying other members on your landing page. This allows users to see exactly what the site is offering and emphasises why users should want to sign up.

The more time you spend developing, testing and optimising your landing page, the more professional and credible it will appear. If you’ve seen a drop in basic members recently, allocate part of your budget to redesigning your landing page. Remember to A/B test new designs to see what works and what doesn’t. This will help you find the optimal design for your users at that point in time.

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