Ross Williams is interviewed by Online Personals Watch…and my haven’t we grown!

It’s been a good three years since our CEO Ross Williams was interviewed by Online Personals Watch and my my hasn’t a lot changed. Back in 2007 Ross Williams and Steve Pammenter, Director of Partnerships here at were interviewed about their background, the companies goals and where White Label Dating will be in years to come…so did they reach the goals they wanted?


They reach them and a hell of a lot more! At the end of the last interview Ross and Steve were asked what they hoped to achieve with WhiteLabelDating, their response, that they wanted to be the top white label dating company, and three years later they have done just that.  Quote Ross Williams, “Global Personals’ business has grown and white label dating is responsible for the vast majority of our business. I think we’re generally considered the number 1 white label dating company worldwide.” After reading the recent interview you can really see how far White Label Dating has come in just three years. The interview this time around was focused much more on the companies’ developments, where we are in the industry and our always improving platform.

The piece has been published on Online Personals Watch and makes a really good read, especially if you get a chance to read both interviews as it really sets a light on how the company has developed. It will be interesting to see the next interview in another three years time and see how the 3 -5 year plan is coming along!

Check it out online and let us know your thoughts.

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